Anyone engaged in hunting or owning a weapon must have a cleaning oil to protect, nurture, and increase the life of their weapon. This should be a priority and cleaning is something you have to do, whether you think it’s nice or not.

Once you get the time, it does not take much time at all, and in return, you get a highly functional weapon that shoots with equal precision even if the weapon has aged.

Top Cleaning Oil List

Brunox Cleaning Spray 300 ml

Here we have a very effective cleaning oil for most weapons that will not disappoint anyone. To begin with, it is a solid bottle of 300 ml, but for a good price.

And not only does it cleanse, and it can tackle a dirty weapon, it also cares at the same time. This means that the material is kept strong and healthy for longer.

In principle, you should not have to clean the weapon as often because it is kept cleaner longer, but unfortunately, we did not have time to test it. However, we recommend that you always clean the weapon regularly.

Blaser Weapon Oil

Blaser makes the job of cleaning as easy as possible, and you have effective protection against heat, cold, moisture, saltwater, and other things that can corrode and cause your weapon to rust.

After the treatment, you thus have an effective water-repellent membrane on your weapon, and it is thin down to -50 degrees.

Brunox Lub & Cor Vapenolja Spray

Brunox cleansing oil is an oil that has won many tests before this. It provides fantastic corrosion protection. You can use it on all parts of the weapon, both inside and out, on bolt and trigger.

The cleansing oil contains no nanoparticles, silicone, or acids. It also does not oxidize and leaves oil residues behind because the viscosity is low and easily penetrates the metal.

Gyratory Weapon Oil V2

Svenska Gyttorp has developed a cleaning oil at a low price that is perfect to use as a quick cleaning and easier weapon care. This is a product with many years on the neck that is well tested, and it cleans, lubricates, and dissolves rust easily like a plate.

Hoppe’s Elite Weapon Oil with T3 4oz Spray Jar

Hoppe’s Elite cleaning oil is a very high-quality weapon oil that effectively protects your weapon from rust. The oil is designed to go deep into the metal, and you get a comprehensive and thin film over the weapon that protects it effectively.

The cleaning oil is originally an oil intended for high-speed drills with an rpm of 1.5 million. Based on that, they have developed the oil to fit weapons.

T3 has the important component molybdenum and, according to Hoppe’s, has the lowest frictional resistance that can be obtained on oil at all.

The thin membrane placed on the weapon does not break down, crack or react in any strange way. The oil can withstand temperatures from -40 to +160 degrees.

Here you get an oil that you can use for the entire weapon care, and it will be easy and smooth for you to take care of your weapon in the best way.

Tetra Gun Vapenolja 8 oz

Tetra Gun cleaning oil is a weapon oil that works with deep-acting fluoropolymer. The oil has a low viscosity, enters the metal’s pores, and forms effective protection against wear, dirt, and friction.

It effectively protects against rust, and you get an oil that is easy to use and that you can be safe with does the job and keeps your weapon in good shape.

It effectively removes copper and other dirt that gets stuck in the barrel and worsens the shooting precision. Tetra Gun is an American product and a real classic on the market.

The temperature range is wide, and it can handle anything from -73 to +400 degrees, which of course, we hope you never have to use the oil in, of course!

Jokes aside, here you get an excellent tool to have in the care kit for your weapon for whatever type of rifle you have. If you shoot pistols, you can, of course, use this cleaning oil on pistols as well.

Break Free CLP 480 ml Flaska

Here you get three fantastic properties in the same cleaning oil. Break Free protects, lubricates, and effectively cleans your weapon, and this is also what the abbreviation CLP stands for; Clean, Lubricant, Protected.

The oil simply removes rust and other contaminants and penetrates deep. In this way, dirt and rust are removed effectively.

In addition, the lubricating properties were very good, and after you have lubricated the weapon with the oil, all parts will work frictionlessly for a long time.

Thanks to the oil, new dirt is prevented from building up and affecting the weapon’s efficiency. The strong and tough protective film that forms on the weapon effectively prevents wear and corrosion.

CLP was developed as early as the 1970s, and the reason was that they wanted to create a maxed-out oil for the US Armed Forces. The goal was to completely replace eight different products used for cleaning and lubrication.

In the end, they managed to develop CLP that held the measure, and this is now a standard product in the US Navy, Air Force, and Army. It is also used by the Swedish military and NATO.

Sweets Solvent 200 ml

Here we have a cleaning oil that gives the copper in the rifle a real match. This is a very strong copper solvent that gives quick results.

As it contains ammonia, do not leave it in the barrel for a long time, and after use, lubricate the weapon with an effective weapon grease.

Beretta Gun Oil Spray

Beretta Gun Oil Spray is a fantastic cleaning oil in a convenient spray form. Beretta is a weapon manufacturer that has also developed an excellent oil with many loyal users who can not imagine replacing it with anything else.

And we are only prepared to agree! It does the job and gives you a nice weapon, ready to use on the next hunt.

Decoy Vapenolja Spray

This spray bottle is 100 ml and is perfect for taking with you when you are out in the field for several days in a row, and you want to quickly and easily restore the weapon’s function.

Then you just take this little spray out of the backpack, and you get immediate weapon care of excellent quality. Effectively dissolves the rust that can occur, and the oil has a low viscosity and goes down into the metal pores quickly, smoothly, and easily.

It is easy to spray on and is perfect for treating the weapon before you put it away. Then you know that the weapon is in perfect condition when you use it again.

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