At first glance, acai berries may well be confused with our blueberries. Acai is a palm tree in the Amazon area, with fruits like flowing tears. Brazilians often eat acai berries since the tribes settled in the Amazon basin.

Acai is known for its healing powers of various diseases that affect the circulatory system, heart and the natural aging process of the body.

What makes this fruit so special is the impressive amount of antioxidants, 10 times higher than in the case of berries and citrus fruits.

Acai – A Source of Health

Those who eat acai fruit daily, in various forms, enjoy a normally functioning circulatory system, clean blood vessels, balanced levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Moreover, acai berries help keep the body healthy, with an immune system that works quickly in case of infections and complications.

Acai Berries and Health Benefits

Acai berries can be consumed in tea, syrup, supplements in combination with other herbs or various tinctures. They are an essential source of antioxidants, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phytosterols.

The health benefits are many; acai is used mainly to support the strength of the immune system and oxidative processes in the body.

Heart and Circulatory Health

Acai berries contain high levels of anthocyanins, which means that good cholesterol is maintained in the circulatory system and is reduced by high levels of bad cholesterol.

Also, the large variety of antioxidants in the composition of acai berries ensures good blood circulation better oxygenation in the cells.

Also, blood vessels stay clean, reduce the risk of heart complications, especially with age, and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Slimming Treatments

Acai is also recommended for those who want to lose weight naturally or keep their body weight constant. A weight loss supplement such as AcaiBerry900 can be used, which contains fruit extract or the fruit can be eaten as is, fresh or dried.

The fiber and protein content makes acai berries the perfect snack between meals or part of breakfast, as they reduce appetite and prolong the feeling of satiety.

Acai berries can be eaten confidently by people with diabetes with a low glycemic index.

Immune System

Due to its high content of antioxidants, regular consumption of acai berries leads to combating the adverse effects of free radicals.

Thus, the immune system becomes much more robust and helps prevent minor infections and faster body healing. Acai berry tea is also great for the cold season when there are more frequent cases of colds, flu and respiratory viruses.

The antibacterial and antiparasitic effect of acai berries helps a faster recovery of the body due to various respiratory, digestive or urogenital system infections.

Anti-aging Benefits

The high content of antioxidants ensures the anti-aging effects of acai berries. This maintains a constant tone of the body by preventing premature aging of the skin, dysfunctions in various organs or chronic diseases.

Acai berries are ideal for consumption by residents of polluted cities, exposed daily to a wide range of toxins and negative factors.

Other Benefits of Acai Berries:

  • Maintains the health of the reproductive system and stimulates libido;
  • Improve eye health;
  • They have the effect of detoxifying and regulating the functioning of the digestive system;
  • They induce peace of mind, especially for those who face insomnia;
  • Maintain skin health by supporting the natural formation of collagen and elastin;
  • Naturally energizes the body and gives more strength and power;
  • Good remedy in times of anxiety, stress or depression.


They are not as well known as blueberries or cranberries, but acai berries are an excellent remedy similar in appearance and benefits.

It protects the heart from complications, prevents the formation of blood clots, keeps the cholesterol level balanced, treats some bacterial infections, seasonal colds and some respiratory infections.

Due to its high content of antioxidants, it is distinguished by the action of free radicals, maintaining the skin’s health, the protective power of the immune system and the general tone of the body.

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