Here are some morning exercises you can do when you wake up to stimulate your muscles, mind and start your day well. So get out of bed and go to work! As soon as you get into the habit, doing home morning exercises will become easier.

10 Morning Exercises You Can Do at Home

1. Jumping Jacks

A great exercise for people not only beginners. It helps to increase the heart rate as well as blood flow in our body. It also strengthens the calves and deltoid muscles. 

How to make:

  • High (standing) position, feet parallel
  • Jump up while spreading your arms and legs to the side
  • Return to starting position and repeat for at least 1-2 minutes

2. Squads

    Sit-ups are an exercise that everyone does. Even with the simplest home activity, when you sit down on a chair, you make a similar movement. Squats are the best morning exercise for strengthening legs and buttocks, as well as reducing body fat. You also strengthen your knee and hip joints.

    How to make:

    • Tall (standing) position, feet hip-width apart, slightly pointing outwards, pointing hands forward in front of the chest
    • Do the squat by bending your knees, going downward, try to: tense the abdominal muscles, push the knees outwards with internal force, push the buttocks backwards. You are on the ball of the foot with all your weight
    • Get up from your heels to the floor, and then go back to the starting position
    • Do 12 repetitions 

    3. Push Ups

    Push-ups are one of the easiest morning exercises that you can do at home. This exercise will help you strengthen your chest muscles, torso, shoulder girdle, stabilize your body, and prevent injuries. 

    How to make:

    • Medium position (front supports on the palms), legs bent at the knees
    • Bend your knees and move the weight forward as you bend your elbows in a full push-up position
    • If this exercise proves to be too easy, do a regular push-up
    • Do 8 – 12 repetitions

    4. Forward Lunges

    Lunges are good morning exercises for the lower body. They activate almost all the muscles in the legs, as well as the buttock. 

    How to make:

    • Stand straight with your legs hip-width apart
    • Take a step forward, bending your knee and lower your body towards the floor, your back is straight and your shoulder blades tightened.
    • Both knees should be bent 90 degrees, one forwards and the other backwards
    • Release the front leg by pushing back and return to the starting position. Change your leg
    • Do 12 repetitions for each leg

    5. Glute Bridge

    Spending the entire day sitting in the office weakens your buttocks and creates back problems. Activating them as part of your exercise routine is great for your body shape and health.

    Thanks to this exercise, you will avoid back pain. The “one-legged” buttock is a simple and effective exercise to strengthen the so-called spine extensors, as well as the buttock. 

    How to make:

    • Lying on your back with your knees bent, feet under the knees
    • When lying down, you straighten your right leg up by pressing your left foot, while pushing your hips up
    • Slowly lower the torso. Repeat the exercise for one minute, changing the leg
    • Do 8-12 repetitions per leg

    6. Mountain Climbers

    With this exercise, you will strengthen your arms, chest muscles, and triceps. You can do the exercise at home with a support with your hands on a chair, sofa, etc.

    How to make:

    • Medium position (front supports), legs straight at the knees, hands under the shoulders
    • The abdominal muscles are tightly tense, the body lined up
    • Bring your left knee to your chest and keep your right leg straight and take turns if you want you can speed up
    • Alternately repeat the “run” with the knee under the chest
    • Run for 1-2 minutes

    7. Burpees

    Wake up your entire body, buttocks, legs, chest and triceps with this active morning exercise. The exercise is not very simple, but if you manage to do it correctly several times, you will stimulate all the muscles to function. Guaranteed effects! 

    How to make:

    • Tall (standing) position – stand straight with your feet side by side 
    • Do a squat, go down to the support with your hands on the floor
    • Leaning your hands firmly on the floor, throw your extended legs backwards
    • Now lower yourself into the push-up position until your torso touches the floor
    • With your hands on the floor, do the squat again
    • Jump up from the squat and land on your feet
    • Do 8 – 12 repetitions (at your discretion for your own endurance and condition) 

    8. Crunches

    Strengthen your abs with this easy morning exercise, one of the best morning exercises to strengthen your muscles. 

    How to make:

    • Lying position (on your back on the floor, blanket or mat)
    • Bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor, keeping your hips apart
    • Place your hands behind your head and gently lift your shoulder blades off the mat, keep your elbows outward, your chin away from your chest (imagine holding an apple between your chin and chest)
    • Lower yourself back down slowly and steadily
    • Do 20 repetitions 

    9. Inchworm Stretch

    By the time you start this exercise, your body is surely warmed up and your mind is working at full speed. This simple and amazingly effective exercise will activate your spine muscles and stretch your back muscles and hamstrings along with your Achilles. 

    How to make:

    • Tall (standing) position with arms alongside the body  
    • Inhale and raise your arms up, lifting your chest up
    • Breathe out and slowly roll your body downward in a circle to press your palms flat to the floor (if you can, glue your whole hands and feet with heels to the floor)
    • Go to the support with the front end and stay in this position for a while 
    • Bring your arms upwards as you push the weight forward
    • Gently relax your hips, lower, bend your lower back as you lift your head and chest to the ceiling
    • Breathe out, lift into plank position and hold
    • Return your hands to the starting position and repeat 4 times

    10. Cat Stretch 

    It is a gentle morning exercise at home that stretches and strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine and abdominal muscles. Stretch your body and the entire spine from lumbar to cervical. 

    How to make: 

    • Kneel on hands 
    • We round the back to the so-called “Cat’s back”, try to push the thoracic spine upwards as much as possible, hide your head between your shoulders, tuck your pelvis, hide your buttock
    • Then you relax your spine, lower your stomach down, stretch your head up, look at the ceiling, push your buttock out
    • Repeat these movements slowly and smoothly 4 to 5 times

    Last Words

    You can easily do the 10 exercises yourself at home. Morning routine? Not for you anymore! Find out how your body and mind can feel in the morning. Thanks to exercise, you will gain energy, health, and wake up with a different attitude and will to live and act!

    And if you want to build greater body awareness and strength from the very morning, after doing the above exercises, do literally several series of calisthenic exercises . Over time, your body will pay off with above-average fitness. Good luck! I keep my fingers crossed!

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